18 de ago de 2009

The Easybeats - Easy (1965)

Track Listing:

01. It's So Easy
02. I'm A Madman
03. I Wonder
04. She Said Alright
05. I'm Gonna Tell Everybody
06. Hey Girl
07. She's So Fine
08. You Got It Off Me
09. Cry Cry Cry
10. A Letter
11. Easy Beat
12. You'll Come Back Again
13. Girl On My Mind
14. Ya Can't Do That
15. For My Woman
16. Say That You're Mine
17. The Old Oak Tree
18. Friday On My Mind
19. Lisa, Rough Mix
20. Find My Way Back Home
21. No One Knows
22. She's So Fine (Live)

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menino de longe disse...

."Gonna have fun in the city, turururuuuuu,be with my girl, she is so pretty turururuuuuuuuu

_cabrero em Magro Filho da puta que esqueceu meu aniversário!